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My Second Book Signing

In 1996, right after my first book, Baseball Letters, was published, I invited my friends and family to my first book signing at Brentano's. Wouldn't you know it? A total of 14 people showed up and 12 of them were my friends!

As a result, when I was booked for my second book signing, I didn't invite anyone. I thought, "I can't do that to them or myself again!" When I showed up at the Borders bookstore in Glendale, CA, I was expecting to sign a few books (hopefully more than 14). I wasn't prepared for the sight that greeted me. There were so many readers waiting for an autograph that the line extended through the entire first floor and out the door.

Click to enlarge.

I immediately thought that another author was also signing his books, but to my great surprise, I saw that many of the customers had one or two, and, some, three copies of my book in their hands and all of them wanted me to personalize their books: "Can you sign this for my father" or "Can you write 'to a great Dodgers fan?'" Over 300 books later, my hand was aching and I was only upset that my friends weren't there to share this satisfying afternoon with me.

I've done many book signings since then and they have always been fun. One that also stands out in my mind was at the Baseball Hall of Fame, for which I was accompanied by my dad. I gave a talk concerning how I went about making my books. My dad and I were given a very special tour of the basement of the Hall of Fame. The things that they don't have room to exhibit are amazing. While the tour was in a cold, temperature controlled room, it was a real thrill to hold the original handwritten lyrics to Take Me Out to the Ballgame in my hands.

Here's a picture of the book signing that I did that day.

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