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Hearing Tell It to My Heart for the First Time on the Radio

By 1987, I'd been writing songs for about two years with a good amount of success. While I didn't yet have a hit and the artists who were recording my songs, for example The Spinners and The Four Tops, were not big names at the time, it was a thrill for me to be writing songs for artists that I had grown up listening to. One day, I came up with a melody that I very much liked, but got stuck on the verse melody. I asked the guy whom I was co-writing with at the time, Ernie Gold, if he had any ideas. After we finished the melody, I wrote many of the lyrics during a weekend visit to my parents' home while sitting in the big comfortable green chair in my old bedroom.

After we demoed the song, I listened to it and didn't like it. (Click here to hear the original demo.) I remember thinking that I didn't want to give it to my publishing company, as they wouldn't like it either. Despite my misgivings, at the last minute, I gave them the song and was surprised at how enthusiastic they were about it.

Click to enlarge.

A few months later, a budding record producer named Ric Wake called and said that he had an artist named Leslie Wunderman who wanted to record the song. I said okay. (A lesson to any songwriters reading this: Say "yes" when people want to record your songs!) Wake's production of Tell It to My Heart was electrifying. All of a sudden, Leslie Wunderman became Taylor Dayne and was signed to Arista Records. The song was supposed to be released to radio in October, but I wasn't paying attention as my girlfriend at the time (now my wife Jody) and I were about to leave NY for a vacation in San Francisco. We landed late in the afternoon, and I turned on the radio while driving our rental car into the city. All of a sudden, the opening line of Tell It to My Heart came on! It was simply one of those moments. San Francisco is where the song was first played before it "hit" and we were there to hear it.

When you have a big hit, lots of fun stuff happens. My two favorite things were 1) hearing the song on the NBA finals telecast when they went to commercial breaks and 2) having one of the Playboy Playmates of the Month use the song in her video.

Click here to see her Playmate profile.

Click here to see the video clip that played on MTV.

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Ya thanks for the mention....considering I did all the work from my mind to my hands.....

Posted by: Rich Tancredi

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