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A Day in L.A with May

In 2004, I googled May Pang, hoping to find out what John Lennon's girlfriend from his "Lost Weekend" period (1973-1975) was up to. The results took me to her site where I learned that she now sells jewelry. I e-mailed her and we had a nice e-mail chat. It turned out that she was in music publishing in the '80s and knew me as a songwriter. She said that she'd be coming out to Los Angeles and that maybe we could meet for coffee.

Seth and May Pang
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When we met, we started talking about life in general and the music business in particular. I had just read her book, The Lost Weekend, about her L.A. romance with Lennon. She told me that she had almost succeeded in getting Lennon and Paul McCartney back together in 1975, when Lennon had expressed a real interest in hooking up with his old partner in New Orleans (where McCartney would eventually record Venus And Mars). Despite this, she said, Lennon walked out on their romance and went back to Yoko.

Pang showed me some fabulous never-before-seen lithographs that Lennon had drawn of her and their time together, as well as some great photographs that she had taken. Lennon looked very happy and relaxed and Pang confirmed that they had a wonderful time together in L.A. She said that Mick Jagger always came over for Chinese food (Lennon's favorite was sweet and sour soup), Linda and Paul McCartney would visit often, and John and Paul often had impromptu jam sessions.

After our four hour coffee, Pang gave me a beautiful necklace that she had made. Check out her cool jewelry at

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