"Fifth Beatle? Seth Swirsky has recorded a Fab Four - influenced album...a melodic, earnest collection of Beatles - influenced pop."
-Kevin Bronson, Los Angeles Times

Instant Pleasure:
2005 Pop Album of The Year
-L.A. Music Awards.

“ If you're a fan of John Lennon, then you're a fan of Seth Swirsky” - "The Rocker", allaccessmagazine.com

"This is the type of music you play on a hot summer day, with the top down, trucking down the scorching hot interstate. It's just infectious pop music, pure and simple -- A great little slice of pop heaven." -Trent Moore, Aversion.com

"This release is to the music connoisseur what a gourmet meal is to the hungry restaurant patron -- fulfilling, satisfying, and memorable. "It's Still Love" shows why Seth Swirsky has been referred to as the fifth Beatle. " -Madd, Evilsponge.org

"...highly pleasurable, low-key pop, often venturing into very stunningly pretty chamber-pop territory."
-Amplifier Magazine

“Swirsky delivers an album of Revolver-era Beatles, flawless pop songs. Check it out for some instant-and lasting-pleasure."
-Performing Songwriter Magazine

"Seth writes with the same intimacy that can be found on my favorite tracks from Lennon/McCartney, sixties Paul Simon and more recently Elliott Smith. By the end of the album you feel as if you spent a week as his house guest. I host an all Beatles show yet I play Seth's CD...need I say anymore?"
-Chris Carter, Breakfast with The Beatles, 97.1 KLSX, Los Angeles

“Swirsky's voice is soft and humble. There are no long notes or big vocal sets. He sings the songs simply and lets the words speak for themselves…flawless."
-Stephanie Joudrey, Indie-Music.com

“ Like honey dripping from the beehive, Swirsky pours it on thick and sweet with healthy dollops of pristine power pop.” -Kevin Mathews, Nighttimes.com

"Seth's voice is clear, pleasant and understated, never detracting from these uber-catchy melodies and intriguing lyrical portraits." -Gary Glauber, PopMatters.com

"Swirsky's debut solo album is stocked deep with 11 masterfully crafted, first-class songs that will get inside your head and go so deep, they're likely to grow roots.”
-Alan Haber, Buhdge.com

"...'Butterfly on Jupiter' could have easily turned up on Sgt. Pepper in one incarnation or another."
-Johnny Suede, NoHo LA Magazine

"...a mini-opera, brilliantly utilizing strings, woodwinds, synthesized sounds, and multi-layered harmonies atop a buoyant rhythm section." -Tom Semioli, Minor7th.com

"Give this one a listen...YOU WILL BE HOOKED!!"
-Jeff Vallet, Jay Vee Music

"While other popsters sing about love and romance in lofty, gossamer terms, Swirsky is Marvin Gaye, whisper-singing "let's get it on" in no uncertain term. The song structure on Instant Pleasure is so beautiful and delicate...so beguiling and seductive.
-Kevin Gordon, Alt-Culture Guide, mondogordo.com

"...a combination of pop, rock and folk that is delicate and comforting." -Dina Mystris, Subba-Cultcha.com

"Chock full of sumptuous harmonies, stick in the brain choruses, witty lyrics, and swooning melodies, Instant Pleasure evokes all the great pop merchants both old school (The Beatles, the Kinks, Big Star) and new (Eels, Jellyfish, Fountains of Wayne)."
-Gina, EOMentertainment.com

"...both decadent and humble; one part Paul McCartney, two parts Noel Gallagher; a lyrical poet, a whimsy poet."
-Erick Mertz, CosmikDebris.com

"From the opening riff to the last chord, this is high quality stuff that you really shouldn't miss out on. An instant classic." -PopBang.com

"This album sounds like the Spin Doctors, like Jude, like Sondre Lerche...a poppy, sensitive-guy crooner..." -JR, Impact Press

"Nicely orchestrated, Swirsky's work is one of those 'tis about time!' recordings."

"Swirsky's story-telling style is engrossing."
-Valley Scene Magazine

"A well-produced, modern, clever pop album" -Modern.net

"Truly a renaissance man in the classic sense, it's his songs that are his forte and will garner him the ultimate fame and admiration." -Smother.net

"...a strong, pleasing effort that melds classic styles with the contemporary power-pop genre."
-Liam Thomson, StateofEmergency.net

“A beautiful, understated honey of a pop record."
-John Borack, Fufkin.com

"...irresistible power-pop songs...a distinctly Beatlesque collection, richly textured and crafted.
-David Kidman, NetRhythms.co.uk

"An album full of moments that effortlessly steal you away into the beautiful scenes that Swirsky constructs. Yes!"
-Bruce Brodeen, NotLame.com

"...the laconic vocals, buoyant melodies, and the occasional admissions of awkward self-doubt make it charming."
-Ian Viggers, Joyzine.co.uk

"One of the best power pop cds to come out this year. Fantastic and essential!"
-Jeremy Morris, JamRecordings.com