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Above is the earliest and most important document relating to the New York Giants' admission into the National League. The letter, dated September 22, 1882 and written on Continental Hotel stationary, marks the very beginning of professional baseball in New York.

The letter reads: “The New York Ball Club of N.Y. City hereby applies for League membership.”

The bottom of the application is signed by three National League officials.

On the reverse, it is receipted by League Secretary and future National League President, Nicholas Young, who wrote: “Metropolitan B.B.C. Application for League membership Rec’d, Sept. 22 ’82.”

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This is a picture of the 1888 World Championship New York Giants, five years after they became members of the National League.
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The New York Giants 1882 Admission Request

The New York Giants, one of the oldest baseball franchises in existence, first applied for admission into the National League in 1882.

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Above is an index card, dated November 12, 1882, which is another application for the New York Club to be made a member of the National League.

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The above letter, dated October 27, 1920 is written by Nicholas Young’s son Robert to Charles Stoneham, the owner of the Giants.

The letter reads: “In going over some old papers that belonged to my father recently, I found the original application of the New York Club for membership in the National League. It occurs to me that they may be of sentimental interest to you, and they are enclosed with my compliments…”