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Shortly after New Years Day in 1927, The New York Sun asked the top athletes in their respective sports what promises they would make about their careers for the new year. In response to the question, Babe Ruth said, “I promise 60 homers for Jake.”

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Tom Zachary

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Tom Zachary's Letter About Babe Ruth's 60th Home Run

Tom Zachary surrendered The Babe's groundbreaking 60th home run on September 30, 1927. This letter, written in 1965 by Zachary, recounts the home run and reveals Zachary's still-brewing anger at the circumstances of the event nearly 40 years later.

"…Tied 2-2 in 8th. 2 outs, one man on and a count of 3 and 2 strikes on Ruth. I threw him a curve, but I made a bad mistake. I should have thrown a fast one at his big fat head. Lost game, 4-2. It was a tremendous swat down right field foul line. At that time there were just bleacher seats in right field with foul pole. But since (at first) It went so__ and far up in bleachers that it would be difficult to judge it accurately. I hollered "foul ball" but I got no support, very little from my team mostly so it must have been a fair ball - but I always contended to Ruth that it was foul."

P.S.: In the 9th inning, pitching legend Walter Johnson made his final appearance as a player. He pinched-hit for Zachary and flied out to Ruth!

This ad ran in the Boston Herald Examiner the day after Babe Ruth hit his 60th home run. Even then, people wanted to buy the historic home run balls. Today, $750 dollars wouldn't do it, but maybe $2 million would!

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