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Tony Conigliaro Goes on The Dating Game

Tony Conigliaro, or "Tony C.," as he was known, was a Boston-area, hometown boy made good. The youngest player in baseball history to hit 100 home runs, Conigliaro was destined for greatness. In 1967, as the Red Sox contended all summer for the pennant (eventually winning it, but losing to the Cardinals in a seven-game World Series), he was unintentionally hit square in the eye by a Jack Hamilton fastball. The injury nearly killed him and he didn't play again until 1969.

Always very popular with the ladies, Conigliaro appeared on the 1960s game show, The Dating Game, hosted by Jim Lang. This letter is from the person coordinating Tony's appearance on the show. (Five days after taking his date out, Conigliaro was traded to the California Angels.) Conigliaro is one of those ballplayers who fall into the "what might have been" category. However, those who saw him in his prime remember the excitement that "Tony C." created when he stepped up to the plate.

P.S.: I wonder who he chose and what they did on their date. E-mail me if you know.

A signed photograph of Conigliaro.

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