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Excerpt from the letter: "In regards to your question relating to hitting, a left hand hitter should close his stance hitting to left so can step freely towards field...also allows freedom to get body behind his hitting... of course one unconsciously or instinctual with practice learns to do this without thinking, as it must be done quickly as the action and direction of ball is fast and doesn't allow time to think and then act... Now also important is one's position relative to the plate with these stances...the proper position is a little behind the plate... Hands a little apart on bat and not on the end of bat, allows free action of hands... that grip allows a better control of bat and also gives power."

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Ty Cobb's Advice on How to Hit

Ty Cobb (1886-1961) is considered one of the, if not THE, greatest offensive players in the game's history. His record of 4189 hits stood for many decades as did his stolen base mark of 892. He played almost his entire 24 year career (1905-1926) with the Detroit Tigers. Cobb's .366 lifetime batting average is the highest in baseball history. In this amazing letter, he wrote to a fan, giving him in-depth advice on what he's best known for: how to hit a baseball.