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Goodbye, Roger Maris

Roger Maris, the 1960 and 1961 American League Most Valuable Player, will be forever remembered as the man who astonished the baseball world by hitting 61 home runs in 1961 (breaking Babe Ruth's 34 year record by one). He played professional baseball from 1956 to 1968, most notably with the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals.

Marris was the second most famous person from Hibbing, Minnesota (Bob Dylan being the first).

He died on December 14, 1985. This funeral program was signed by Tracy Stallard (the pitcher who gave up Marris' 61st home run), former President Gerald Ford and Yankee Hall of Fame shortstop, Phil Rizzuto (who, as the Yankee's announcer, "called" Marris' 61st home run).